Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy and we know how to feels when someone tries to violate your privacy.

So, we have set some ground rules as privacy policies which should be strictly followed by the clients. As it ensures a healthy client relationship.

We demand certain details from our client during the time of registration and we don’t disclose that information to anyone.

We include it in our legal terms that disclosing customer’s privacy to any third person is an offendable crime.

The privacy policies cover certain grounds or situation where you were required to submit some personal information which is as follows:

  • When you visit our website and submit your private information there.
  • In self-generated mails, messages, texts or on this website itself.
  • The information collected by our agents whenever you have any appointment with us.

The above-mentioned grounds are covered in our privacy policy and we intend to keep it that way. Keeping your privacy safe with us is our responsibility.

However, we are not responsible for some fraudulent acting as our website that collects your information.

These policies solely apply to the information collected by our real websites or agents.

So, you should be aware of protecting yourselves from any imitation or fraudulent websites.

So, let’s go through our policies and shed some light on the principles that we follow.

So, we suggest that you should go through them to understand our policies to prevent any future mishaps.

What exactly is the information we demand during the registration and how we demand it?

Well, one way to save you from the fraudulent is to know about the information we collect from our clients and the time during which we collect such information.

So, carefully go through the list of details we demand while client registers with us.

  • Your private and basic information that includes:
  • Your name
  • Your postal address
  •  Phone number
  • Mobile number
  • Mail address.

This Information is collected under certain applicable law or personal law as you call it.

And most importantly this information is collected directly by you either through website registration or by our agent.

We don’t make the involvement of any third party to diminish the chances of fraudulence.

Site should not be operated by underage children

Our site is not meant to be operated by the children under the age of 17 or so.

If they are operating so, then it should be done under the guidance of the parent.

If by anyhow, your child has interacted with our website then your information gets collected by us. In that case you can contact our support group to avoid any mishaps.

The information is collected as:

The information we collected from you is in form format.

As you register yourselves on our website then our website would automatically display a form on which you have to fill certain mandatory fields in order to enrol yourselves to avail our services.

In case of when you suffer any problem while operating our website and you decide to contact our support group then information is also demanded at that point of time.

We occasionally ask you’re for rating and review procedures. You can rate us or write a review about us based on your preferences. However, it’s not compulsory for you to do so. It is solely based on your preferences.

We store your search queries you make while browsing our website which in fact is done for providing you with a better user-experience. And that information is not shared with anyone.

We demand for your budget before making any arrangements for you or setting any event planning for you. Rest assured that the information is confidential and is meant for setting an event solely. So, we don’t disclose your financial status to anyone.

Why we collect such information.

Collecting your private information is done for a purpose. So, I will let you know how we use your information.

  • To enrol you to avail our services.
  • Your phone number to contact you regarding the progress of the event and ask your suggestions and approval.
  • Your email to send you offers and deals on the halls during festive seasons. However, you can unsubscribe from the newsletter anytime you wish to do so.
  • To notify you about the certain changes made on our website.
  • You’re obliging your demands and request that you put forward on our website.
  • Your budget to plan out event accordingly so that they won’t fall heavy on your pockets.

When we disclose certain pieces of your information

Planning an event does require a cumulative force of different teams.

So, in that case we share certain of your information with our affiliations such as decorators, caterers and so on just to make certain arrangements make happen for you

Nothing is shared in such a way that could harm you or violate you.

Data security

The data you share on our website is completely secure as we have verified and certified accounts on Google. Plus, we use high quality encryption that is a hard bit to crack. So, you don’t have to worry about a con artist interfering with your information sent to our server as it is safe with us.

Contact information

You can always contact us about any privacy related concerns with our support staff. Or you can contact us on the contact information provided below.

We would be more than happy to assist you.

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