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Neelam Industries Saturated Continuous Steam Sterilizer are the most versatile steam Sterilizer designed to meet the widest requirements of the Food Industry. Sterilizer incompany a high degree of operational flexibility that enable them to be used even for a wide range of industrial and laboratory application.

Continuous Steam sterilizer is convenient to use in continuous treatment of material used in the cosmetic and food Industries.

Neelam Industries Sterilizer offered in order to conform any specific requirement and Meet User’s production “critical load”.

Advantages Of Continuous Steam Steriliser :

The steam sterilization treatment does not use chemicals hence no chemical residual effect will be found in the treated products and therefore, it is not harmful to the health.

The main crops to be sterilized are Psyllium, Cumin, Fennel, Whole Sesame, Ground Spices and many more.

The equipment are made from SS 316. The product is sterilized with dried steam at the pre-decided temperature for specified period decided for the different crops. The product is passed through Teflon Coated Auger Conduit with zero clearance in between auger vanes and body to remove total material without sticking and accumulating on the bottom surface of the conduit.

After passing steam, the material is immediately passed in the cooling zone, the chilled water is use to cool the material.

The entire process is computerized to maintain the feed rate, steam temperature, steam pressure, steaming time, cooling temperature and cooling period.

The unit has the capacity to reduce microbiological level to zero percent depending upon the original microbiological load of the crop.

In continuous dry steam sterilization process, only heat is used to remove the germ content of the product. It is completely safe process.

Neelam Industries Continuous Steam Steriliser can treat most dry and wet products.

These include :

  • Spices, seeds, herbs, botanicals, dehydrated fruits and vegetables.
  • All shapes of products, from whole to the finest form of powder.

The only two parameters to control are time and temperature. Highly reliable and easily controlled.

The continuous steam sterilizing process results in simultaneous reduction of the microbiological load and the ample inactivation of enzymes in spices, vegetables, herbs and seeds.

Steam is a most ideal gas as it is non toxic, it is cheap and there is unlimited supply.

  • Fastest possible way of product heating to an exact preset temperature.
  • Steam condenses on the product and provides the water activity required for effective sterilization while the steam that condensed on the product surface will protect the product against burning. The system concept complies with the condition that the product is subjected to the minimum heat load for adequate decontamination with a minimum adverse effect on flavour, colour and loss of volatile oil.

Because Neelam Industries’ Continuous Steam steriliser is rapidly and uniformly transfers heat throughout the material being treated, the process does not expose product to temperatures higher than the minimum required for pasteurization. Included in the Neelam Industries Continuous Steam Sterilization process is a rapid cooling stage to minimize residence time at elevated temperatures and maintain product quality.


Automatic switch of the product which didn’t reach the target temperature. Only the treated product goes into the cooler.

  • Fully Automatic PLC with Touch screen Control with all Parameter Online Printing facility, Computer Interface Facility with software and remote support facility.
  • Automatic Printing facility for control in case of heat labile materials.
  • Online Printing and recording confirming to 21 CFR PART 11.
  • Validation ports for insertion of temperature sensors for thermometric testing.

In compliance with :

cGMP, GAMP, ISO 9001 : 2008


Sterilizer manufacturer

Main applications :

  • Spices
  • Herbs
  • Seeds

Product Details :

  • Spices
  • Application : Laboratory
  • Type of Sterilizer : Steam Sterilizer, Dry Heat Sterilizer
  • Mount Type : Floor Mounted Autoclave
  • Material : Stainless Steel
  • Chamber Volume (Litre) : 200 Liter
  • Brand : Neelam Industries
  • Insulation Wall : Triple Wall
  • Automation Grade : Fully Automatic
  • Temperature Range : Upto 135 Deg C
  • Pressure Range (psi) : 28 psi
  • Approval Certificate : ISO 9001 2008
  • Warranty : 1 Year
  • Power : 9 kW

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