Multi Column Distillation Plant Manufacturer In India

Multicolumn distillation plant manufacturer

Multicolumn Distillation Plant

Neelam Industries offers the highest quality equipment for Pharmaceuticals plants and multiple laboratory and healthcare products. We are a Multicolumn distillation plant manufacturer or water distillation plant manufacturer who designed the distillation plant for the production of 100% pyrogen-free sterile distilled water.

This distillation plant works on the heat exchanging principle that reduces the heating energy consumption & cooling water.

We, the biggest Water distillation plant manufacturer, produce a huge volume of pyrogen-free distillates. It is based on the FINN-AQUA design, which is specially designed by installing the spiral baffle.

This significant amount of energy can be conserved through conventional methods. All the contact parts are manufactured through quality stainless steel and polished mirrors. Every part manufactured with the media is manufactured through the stainless steel AISI 316L. It is further insulated with mineral wool and made of stainless steel AISI 304. We manufacture and supply these sterilizers including terminal sterilizer supplier, air mixture sterilizer exporter, etc to multiple industries.

Features of Water or Multicolumn Distillation Plant:

  • The inner surfaces are polished and designed by the clamp connections.
  • It has proper piping slopes for self-trainability
  • All welding is carried out in inert gas atmospheres
  • Auto orbital welding of pipelines
  •  Inlet/Outlet Conductivity Monitoring.
  • 21 CFR PART 11 Compliance
  • Sampling of WFI
  • Online printing facilities
  • FINN AQUA-based designed 
  • Design as per GAMP, BPE criteria, ASME, guidelines


  • Double Tube-Sheet 
  • Generated WFI meeting the below-specified standards 
  • Feed Water Control
  • It has a digital Flow Meter
  • Chlorides <0.5 ppm & Sulphates <0.5 ppm
  • Conductivity at Distill outlet <1 ms/cm
  • Zero Dead Leg Sampling Valve 
  • Conductivity <1 ms at 20 deg.c
  • Microbial limit <10 cfu per 100 ml
  • Ammonia <0.3 ppm & Calcium <0.5 ppm
  • Carbon dioxide <4.0 ppm & Heavy metals <0.5 ppm
  • Total solids <0.001 %
  • pH =5-7 & Nitrate <0.2 ppm
  • It is operated through the microscopic procedure that is inspected through all the seamless pipes
  • This is designed based on the ASME standard
  • It has a double tube sheet design & distillation column houses

Generated WFI Meeting the Below Specified Standards Microbiological Standard:

  • Endotoxins < 0.25 eu/ml
  • TOC < 500 ppb
  • Conductivity <1 ms at 20 deg.c
  • Microbial limit <10 cfu per 100 ml
  • Ammonia <0.3 ppm
  • Calcium <0.5 ppm
  • Carbon dioxide <4.0 ppm
  • Heavy metals <0.5 ppm
  • Total solids <0.001 %
  • Chlorides <0.5 ppm
  • Sulphates <0.5 ppm
  • pH =5-7
  • Nitrate <0.2 ppm
  • Conductivity at Distill outlet <1 ms/cm
Water distillation plant manufacturer


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