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dry heat sterilizer supplier
dry heat sterilizer supplier

Dry Heat Sterilizer

Dry heat sterilizers are specially designed to meet Depyrogenation & sterilization requirements in the pharmaceutical & biotechnology industries. Dry heat sterilizers are used for Depyrogentaion of Ampoules, vials and all types of glass syringe sterilization. We are a dry heat sterilizer supplier and manufacturer.

Dry heat sterilization is a traditional technique that is employed to sterilize and depyrogenate the products that are moisture-sensitive products. Dry heat sterilization is a process that is used to minimize the pyrogen level through hot air. The temperature ranges from 160 to 300 degree C. Dry heat sterilization is required for the process of depyrogenation of glasswares,Ampoules and vials before filling & Sealing of ampoules and vials.

Neelam Industries delivers high-quality C-GMP dry heat sterilizers to multiple industries. We have a specialization in this industry and have a specified team. We are a Dry heat sterilizer manufacturer and supply them to pharma companies so that they can be utilized to sterilize glassware, rubber stopper, bung stopper, Glass ampoules and vials.

We are dedicated to manufacture and supplying superior sterilizers that also includes dry heat sterilizer supplier, injectable manufacturing vessel, magnetic Stirrer exporter, terminal sterilizer manufacturer, and many more.

Features of Dry Heat Sterilizer:

  • It meets with the FDA & GMP requirements.
  • The sterilization product manufactured by us meets pharmaceutical industry standards.
  • It has a high-temperature HEPA filter installed in the chamber.
  • It meets with class 100 ISO 5 standards.
  • The product comes with uniform air circulation with efficient sterilization.
  • It has uniform heat distribution & digital features to track all parameters.
  • Installed printer for online printing
  • Auto door locking mechanism
  • Thermal & vibration shock resistant
  • It is capable of performing at 300 degrees C during the whole cycle.
  • The chamber is made with the stainless steel 316L. We completely welded the chamber from the inside without any leakage to the insulation.


  • Inflatable Door Gasket.
  • High Temp Hepa Filter.

Main Applications :

  • Glassware, ampoules and vials
  • Metal containers 
  • Aluminum caps
  • Equipment parts
  • Injection & Schering bottles
  • Metal containers & equipment parts


Sterilizer manufacturer
Dry heat sterilizer manufacturer

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