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If you are looking for top-notch sterilization solutions, then you can trust on our Terminal Sterilizers by Neelam Industries. We are a trusted supplier and manufacturer in the sterilization industry, promised to supply cutting-edge sterilization technology to meet your needs. There is an increasing popularity for sterilization of small molecule parenteral products. The drug products are mostly used in hospitals to ensure patient safety. These products must be sterilized thoroughly after manufacturing, and the process is known as terminal sterilization. Terminal sterilization ensures that no microbial contaminants are present after the product is used. If you require a terminal sterilizer, then you are in the right space. We, the Neelam Industries, are known as the industry’s biggest Terminal sterilizer manufacturer Terminal sterilization is an affordable, less complex, and easily reproducible process that is preferred for sterilizing drug products. It is also beneficial for minimizing the opportunities for contamination because of human intervention. This is one of the most reliable quality products the industry must opt for. We are a Terminal Sterilizer supplier to all over the globe. We have a team who made the highest efforts to meet the client’s requirements. You can discover our other services and witness our legacy over the last few years! Not only this, We are also specialized in manufacturing various other sterilizer products including Multicolumn distillation plant manufacturer, Magnetic Stirrer exporter, Steam Sterilizer supplier and many more. Our Machinery is known for its efficiency, precision, and reliability.

Why Choose Neelam Industries for
Terminal Sterilizers Manufacturing?

Our Terminal Sterilizer machinery is made with great precision and innovations. Our first priority is quality and reliability to ensure our machinery matches all industrial norms and standards. 

Here’s the reasons why you must choose our Terminal Sterilizer;

Uses Latest Technology: We use latest technology to ensure our sterilizers deliver best results. Whether it’s for medical, laboratory, or industrial use, our sterilizers are built for multi industrial uses.

Compliance and Safety: We Know the importance of following industry regulations and ensuring safety. Taking them into consideration  we have designed our Terminal Sterilizers precisely to meet the highest standards needs.

Customised Solutions: We also offers customised solutions to fulfil the required needs. You can trust us to for manufacturing and supplying utmost terminal sterilizers that perfectly align with your requirements.


Features of Terminal Steam Sterilizer:​

  • Single & double doors with hinged & sliding door options that suit client-specific requirements.
  • It is manufactured for installation on the floor
  • We manufacture the terminal steam sterilizer’s chamber with AISI 316L finishing grade stainless steel.
  • We installed a pressure transmitter inside the sterilizer to monitor the pressure.
  • Chamber piping & fitting is done with the AISI 316L stainless steel and tri-clover clamp connection.
  • It has a remote support connection with an auto printing feature for better control in case of heat-labile materials.
  • The online recording & printing is also confirmed
  • SIP features can also be provided (optional)
  • Sealed with contamination to get rid of the cross-flow of air in between clean & unclean areas.
  • It has a bacteria retentive feature with a temperature sensor to prevent thermometric testing.

Main Applications:

  • Used in the Blister packed products
  • Ampoules for Terminal sterilization


  • Leak Test (Ampoule) Cycle
  • HPHV & Terminal Sterilization Cycle
  • Chamber Leak Test Cycle
  • Bowie Dick Test Cycle


  • It can be used on all semicritical & critical items which are resistant to heat and moisture.
  • It is used in healthcare facilities for decontaminating the microbiological waste.
  • It has an Inflatable Gasket Door for the sliding doors and Uniform Heat
  • Distribution through a Dimple Steam Jacket.
  • It has the ability to reduce the human errors
  • Minimize the interruption in workflow & enhance the efficiency
  • Compliance with sterilization requirements


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