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Steam Air Mixture Sterilizer

The series of Steam Air Mixture Sterilizers is the range of autoclaves that are designed because of terminal sterilization through steam air mixture technology. This type of sterilizer is usually intended for the pharma-grade industries. Through this sterilization method, get rid of any damage to the heat-sensitive and pressure materials.

When you are at Neelam Industries, you can meet with the professional Air Mixture Sterilizer exporter. We closely collaborate with pharmaceutical companies to design sterilizer air & mixture products that meet the need for effective terminal sterilization products. We manufacture sterilizing products which ensure a superior level of user-friendliness & give a convenient and safe solution. Our air steam mixture sterilizer features an advanced control system that enables the user to better control. It has optimal air ventilation, which maintains the temperature uniform for the sterilizing chamber in every phase. We are the most known manufacturer of Steam + Air Mixture Sterilizer who manufacture and supply these products to multiple industries, for any more information contact our representatives.

Pharmaceutical Steam+air Mixture Sterilizer

Amongst different types of sterilizers manufactured by Neelam Industries including bung processor cum sterilizer, depyrogenation tunnel manufacturer, dry heat sterilizer supplier, Steam Sterilizer supplier, Injectable manufacturing vessel and many more. , the Steam Air Mixture Sterilizer turns out as a game-changer. The combined use of steam and air technology in steam air mixture sterilizer, ensures a more comprehensive and efficient sterilization process.

Features of Pharmaceutical Steam Air Mixture Sterilizer Exporter:

  • This is a cylindrical or rectangular pressure vessel
  • It has installed heat exchanger coils & chamber baffles
  • It prevents the deformation of flexible load
  • The sterilization is designed for installation on the floor
  • It has single & double door sliding-hinged door options
  • The steam air mixture sterilizer has a rectangular chamber with the highly finishing AISI 316L stainless steel
  • The pressure monitoring can be easily done through the pressure transmitter
  • It has a remote connection with auto-printing facilities
  • It comes with a touchscreen facility to provide better visual
    Online recording and printing can be done
  • It has validation ports for the insertion of temperature sensor
  • The contamination seal is responsible for avoiding cross-flow of air
  • It has chamber fitting & piping in AISI 316L stainless steel

Main Applications :

  • It is widely applied in sealed glass, PP, PE, etc., bottles
  • This is used as the large-volume parenteral solution in PVC, PP, PE, etc.
  • Pre-Filled syringe
  • Used in Blister-packed products
  • Contact lenses
  • This is suitable for sterilizing the liquids in heat-sensitive & sealed containers like ampoules, semi-open containers, vials, etc.


Steam Sterilizer supplier

In compliance with :



  • Uniform Heat Distribution through Dimple Steam Jacket
  • Filter Sterilization Cycle
  • Inflatable Door Gasket


  • Steam + Air Mixture Cycle
  • Customized & standard models.
  • Sizes are available from 80 ltr to 15000 ltr

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