Pre filled Syringe Filling & Stoppering Machine Manufacturers in India


Pre Filled Syringe Filling Machine

  • Compact machine / Dosing of syringes in nests from 0.2 to 20 ml.
  • Ready-to-use disposable syringes offer ease of use, security, hygiene and dosing accuracy for medical injections.
  • Our line allows a combination of filling closing for processing ready-to-use disposable syringes and vials in nests.
  • Ready-to-use disposable syringes are supplied sterilized and ready to-fill into trays called “Nest”.
  • The equipment is designed to be used in sterile room applications, in accordance with regulations of the cGMP and USFDA.
  • Machine adjusted automatically and are associated to each format of syringe or vial processing.
  • The formats can be recalled from the control panel, re-establishing automatically the ideal predetermined settings.
  • New programs can be created easily and quickly by the user.
  • The changeover to a different size is carried out quickly, easily and without tools, by exchanging complete sets of format parts.
  • To work under sterile room applications we offer different laminar flow units enclosures adapted to each size of machine.
  • These optionals guarantee to work under ISO 5 Class.
  • The unit can be designed to be installed into an isolator when production requirements recommend its use.

Features :

  • Robotic Tyvek Removal System.
  • Semi-Automatic & Fully Automatic Machines Option Available.

In Compliance with :

  • cGMP
  • GAMP
  • 21 CFR PART 11

Machine sequence of operations :

  • Manual or automatic insertion and manual or automatic removal of “Nest”, depending on the machine model.
  • Dosing through valveless rotary piston pumps or through peristaltic pumps.
  • Automatic infeed and automatic positioning of plunger stoppers / stoppers.


Sterilizer manufacturer

All production parameters are stored in the PLC data memory, through “formats”.Therefore, parameters such as :

  • Dose volume.
  • Programmable Kinematics of the filling process.
  • Positioning depth of the plunger stoppers / stoppers.
  • Output speed.
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